Instant messaging is more instant than email, but using messaging apps for work can quickly lead to loss of productivity. Telemail tries to solve this problem with its patented features listed here.

Telemail is a real-time email (or an organized, secure and efficient messenger), useful for your work or personal communication. With Telemail you send and receive emails using your telephone number instead of email-id.

Simply install Telemail app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start Telemailing.

  • 1

    Send emails to phone numbers

    No need to have a separate identity i.e. email id to send and receive emails. Furthermore, communication is more secure with phone number as identity for several reasons such as - phone numbers can't be created as easily and freely and without the owner's verification, in most cases.

  • 2

    Spam protection

    Block unwanted senders. Easily unblock previously blocked senders.

  • 3

    Delete a sent email

    Delete your sent email anytime from inboxes of all recipients and from all forwarded email chains too!

  • 4

    Restore a deleted email

    Restore back (un-delete) a deleted email to make the email content visible again to all recipients and in all forwarded email chains.

  • 5

    Read & download receipts

    Get delivered (delivered), read (read), forwarded (forwarded) receipts for your emails and download (downloaded) receipts for your email-attachments.
    Get details such as delivered on, opened on, last opened on and forwarded on.

  • 6

    Status message

    No more annoying holiday auto responders. Just set a status message (eg: Out of office till 9th April) and let your contacts know your availability before they send an email to you.

  • 7


    Set your full profile with education and work experience details. Help recipients understand your emails better by letting them know where you're coming from.

  • 8

    React to an email

    A smart and short reply: Simply react to an email by clicking the famous like React button.
    Changed your mind? No problem, change / delete your reaction anytime.

  • 9

    Secure forwards

    Recipients cannot edit original email content while forwarding the email, unless the content is embedded in the forwarded email - clearly distinguishing between 'original email content' and 'embedded content'.

  • 10


    Privacy settings to control what you share with whom.

  • 11

    Virtually unlimited inbox

    Get accounted only for sent emails. No space consumption for received email content.

  • 12

    No passwords to remember

    Access Telemail Web on desktop by scanning the QR code.

  • 13

    Familiar and clean UI

    A familiar and simpler User Interface. Advanced features are seamlessly integrated in the flow to become natural extension of known features.

  • 14

    Access on cellphone or desktop

    Telemail app for mobile phone access and Telemail Web for desktop access.

  • 15

    Cross-device synchronization

    No need to open same mail on multiple devices just to mark it read. Cross-device synchronization makes the experience seamless across all your devices by syncing all actions taken on one device to the rest of your devices.

Green Mail

Various studies show - approximately 225 billion emails are sent every day, out of which around 60% are spam mails. Managing these spam mails consumed 33 billion kWh of electricity in 2010. In terms of carbon footprint, 100% spam control would mean taking 3Mn to 531Mn cars off the road.

Telemail offers spam-free / less-spam email due to its natural characteristics. Additionally Telemail doesn't duplicate email content or attachments per user / inbox (even in forwards and trail-mails), hence it saves tons of space and energy required to maintain such content.

For an individual this means - no time wasted in filtering spam, less data usage and a better world by going green.

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